Dry Aging Patent

Few things say "great idea!" like being awarded with a U.S. Patent - an intellectual property right granted by the U.S. government to an inventor with a unique idea. The Craveable Hospitality Group has recently been awarded a patent for our dry-aging beef process - the technique that makes our steaks and burgers exceptional and stand apart from the rest. The insightful creativity for infusing food with flavor won us the right to call the process our own, and to prevent anyone else from swiping the great idea.

Our process for dry-aging meat features a room lined with pink Himalayan salt, where the beef is allowed to naturally dry with help from the salt. At the same time, the beef absorbs the subtle flavors of the salt, resulting in beef that is tender, deep with flavor, and absolutely delicious. The steaks served in our restaurants are typically aged for 28, 40, 55, or 76 days. The longer the steak ages, the more intense it becomes as moisture evaporates and concentrates the flavors.

The award of the U.S. patent, which the Craveable Hospitality Group is honored to have received, solidifies the reputation for being a culinary innovator.

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